“Not all transformations are visible.”

Dealer ROI Solutions


Dealer Warranty Solutions 

Is there a team culture in your dealership? 

If the the answer is sometimes or no, you have arrived at the right, stop for your organization to garner results of increased revenue, employee efficiency while building both employee and customer retention. 

  • Do you know your effective parts and labor rate? 
  • Are you prepared for an audit?  
  • Has your Fixed 
  • Ops undergone an internal  audit assessment?        

     No, not a problem. We got you covered!                  

Dealer Warranty Solutions Consultants have more than twenty years experience either as a field or internal Audit Services Dealer Auditor or a Warranty Manager.

   Why choose DWS? 

DWS Consultant's expertise is the result of front-line experience working with clients in all facets of dealer operations, business development center, fixed and or variable operations. 

Have you put the cart in front of the horse?  

Client engagement perks andincentive are great however if your sales are declining. 

Shortly after attending the 2019 National Automobile Dealers Association Convention in Las Vegas Sharen decided to include consumer buying knowledge and experience. Early in her career, she staged a variety of marketing events on-site. One of the most successful pedestrian events Car Buying Clinics 'CBC'. 


Contact us to discuss viable solutions based on your dealership training needs, internal audit assessment, customer and or employee engagement priorities.   

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Time Management

No other time in recorded history is it more important to strive for a work-life balance of time.

S and A Global Consultants are available to assist clients to create an action plan for change. No other time in recorded history is it more important to strive for a work-life balance of time. 

In both business and personal life, time is the most precious commodity not sold on the Nasdaq trading floor.

Whether you are an organization of one or one hundred, the negative results contributed to lousy time management is the loss of profit and worse yet the loss of quality of life for you and loved ones. Profit and Productivity and the life benefits of effective time management are measurable in every aspect of life beginning with excellent physical, mental and social health. 

Contrary to the popular Rolling Stones song, ‘Time Is Not On My (Your) Side.’

Who should have Time Management Training? 

The easy answer is everyone. The truth is anyone who has a desire to live and have in the present the following.

Why should a Small Business Owner sign on for Time Management Training?

Working within an effective time management mindset reinforces the theory, ‘Time is the only thing you can not get back."

 In business, it is inevitable you might lose a client however you can strategically target a new client whose revenue doubles the revenue of the lost client. 

Why  should an employer offer Time Management Training to employees?

Think one-word Smartphone. Look at your phone how many distractions are on the homepage of your phone?

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Marketing Media

Media Marketing Branding Logo Website Business Strategy Publicity Design Growth Diversity Digital

BGMedia is a woman-owned boutique firm assisting focus, and passion-driven leaders create and define the organization's culture and brand. 


A division of S and A Global Consulting BGMedia has more than ten years of experience under the  previous banner Ladybug Production and Entertainment.

Why The Name Change?

Easy answer Re-branding. Deep Dive answer ask me later.

The firm has worked with clients in the areas of gaming, luxury brands, professional sports, automotive industry,  Emmy award-winning entertainment company, in addition to start-ups, and NGO's.

Founder, Sharen Sierra early career began in sports media and public relations.  As her business grew so did her expertise in areas of crisis management, media training, organizational development and more. 

Why BGMedia? 

Due to her work in emerging markets in Mexico and Africa, Sharen Sierra decided to form a firm comprised of creative and talented consultants regardless of geography.

How Did You Arrive In This Space?

When asked how did you segue from your early career to branding and marketing. 

"The foundations and skill sets are the same. Technology is the key factor which facilitated the change.


Technology has empowered the consumer with choices. All businesses, specifically in my industry, it's imperative to be forward thinking. Either you evolve or close your doors."

Sharen Sierra

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