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Dealer ROI Solutions


Dealer Warranty Solutions Consultants are automobile industry experts in the areas of internal parts and labor audit assessment, time management, leadership training, as well as employee and customer engagement best practices.  

Results: increased  revenue, employee efficiency while building both employee and customer retention. 

Every element of our services are aligned specifically to the needs of your organization. 

Why choose Dealer Warranty Solutions?

Each DWS Consultant expertise is the result of front-line experience working with clients in all facets of dealer operations, business development center, fixed and or variable operations. 

An automobile dealership is more than a building filled with cars, tools, people, and equipment.  

Wikipedia defines a car dealership or vehicle local distribution as a business that sells new or used cars at the retail level, based on a dealership contract with an automaker or its sales subsidiary. It employs automobile salespeople to sell their automotive vehicles.

The definition is true but not accurate.                                                                   

In March a  team of DWS Consultants attended the 2018 National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) Convention. We continually equip ourselves with tools to assist our clients to succeed. 

Good intentions and a solid handshake still have a place in business as does human and behavioral sciences, along with digital, data-driven tools, and creating a culture based on a client and customer engagement platform based on value. 

Dealer Warranty Solution Consultants have one goal. 

Define, design, develop and deliver each dealer a focus driven plan to execute based on process improvement, client and employee engagement, and retention while reducing dealers overhead. 


Ask is the dealership leaving profit on the sales and service floor?


  • Is the Sales Team using Video Marketing
  • Is Fixed Ops prepared for a Warranty Audit
  • Are you Selling Service to the Mobile Customer
  • Do you know your accurate Parts and Labor Rate 
  •  Are you Building a Team Culture in Your Dealership
  • Has your Service Writers and Technicians had Automotive Service Writer training 
  • Does the  Sales Department introduce their New and Pre-owned Client to Service
  • Has your Variable and Fixed Ops Department had Time Management Training

Is there a Team Culture in Your Dealership? 

Each department and employee is the key stakeholders for success in the ever-changing landscape of the automobile industry and as such the mentality of the front and back end should be a phrase and mindset of the past.  

The mobility of the future is “eascy” – 

electrified, autonomous, shared, connected and “yearly” updated.

A  2017-2018 study analysis  by (pwc)  Price Waterhouse Cooper describes which factors will influence the sectors from now until 2030 for key markets such as the US, Europe, and China.  Unequivocally the overview is the automotive industry should restructure concerning volume, scale, and complexity. 


Your success is our top priority.

Contact us to discuss viable solutions based on your dealership training, audit, customer and or employee engagement priorities.   

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Time Management

No other time in recorded history is it more important to strive for a work-life balance of time.

S and A Global Consultants are available to assist clients to create an action plan for change. No other time in recorded history is it more important to strive for a work-life balance of time. In both business and personal life, time is the most precious commodity not sold on the Nasdaq trading floor.

Whether you are an organization of one or one hundred, the negative results contributed to lousy time management is the loss of profit and worse yet the loss of quality of life for you and loved ones. Profit and Productivity and the life benefits of effective time management are measurable in every aspect of life beginning with excellent physical, mental and social health. 

Contrary to the popular Rolling Stones song, ‘Time Is Not On My (Your) Side.’

Who should have Time Management Training? 

The easy answer is everyone. The truth is anyone who has a desire to live and have in the present the following.

Why should a Small Business Owner sign on for Time Management Training?

Working within an effective time management mindset reinforces the theory, ‘Time is the only thing you can not get back."

 In business, it is inevitable you might lose a client however you can strategically target a new client whose revenue doubles the revenue of the lost client. 

Quality of life as defined by your priorities.  

  1. Productive life allows for a person to live intrinsic realities.  ( essential of necessary for you) 
  2. A balance of work and personal time is a proper mode to eliminate stress. 
  3. You achieve goals when you take the time to prioritize and manage time. 

Why should an employer offer Time Management Training to employees? 

Think one-word Smartphone. Look at your phone how many distractions are on the homepage of your phone? 

According to a June 2017 article in Forbes Magazine by Chris Morris  

“The average worker spends a full day of their work week doing things other than, well, work

A survey from staffing firm OfficeTeam found the average office employee spends 56 minutes per day using their cell phone at work for non-work activity. That’s 43% more than the 39 minutes most managers said they thought occurred.”

Why should an NGO or public agency have mandatory Time Management Training? 

Need you asks. It is a common thought among both sectors, “ Nobody quits, and it’s impossible to get fired.”

Daniel Bier’s article in The Foundation for Economic Freedom Federal bureaucrats makes 78% more in total compensation than people in the private sector. State and local employees make on average 25% more.  If an employee adopts the mindset they can never get fired are they capable of giving 100% job performance?  

Are they really ever present?

Bottom line an employee spends one full work day not working. How does that affect companies financial bottom line?

Question, who do you personally know who does not need Time Management Training? 

No, even our youth especially our youth when considering the onslaught of physical and environmental issues associated with Gaming Disorder.

  A topic for our Blog.

Contact us to discuss one on one training, group workshops or in house training

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Brand Marketing Media

Media Marketing Branding Logo Website Business Strategy Publicity Design Growth Diversity Digital

BGMedia is a woman-owned boutique firm assisting focus, and passion-driven leaders create and define the organization's culture and brand. 


A division of S and A Global Consulting BGMedia has more than ten years of experience under the  previous banner Ladybug Production and Entertainment.

Why The Name Change?

Easy answer Re-branding. Deep Dive answer asks me later.

The firm has worked with clients in the areas of gaming, luxury brands, professional sports, automotive industry,  Emmy award-winning entertainment company, in addition to start-ups, and NGO's.

Founder, Sharen Sierra early career began in sports media and public relations.  As her business grew so did her expertise in areas of crisis management, media training, organizational development and more. 

Why BGMedia? 

Due to her work in emerging markets in Mexico and Africa, Sharen Sierra decided to form a firm comprised of creative and talented consultants regardless of geography.

How Did You Arrive In This Space?

When asked how did you seque from your early career to branding and marketing. Sharen Sierra answered. "The foundations and skill sets are the same. Technology is the key factor which facilitated the change. Technology has empowered the consumer with choices. All businesses, specifically in my industry, it's imperative to be forward thinking. Either you evolve or close your doors.  No question technology has played a significant role in every aspect of business however at the foundation of each successful brand, the goals are building identity, messaging which connects an individual, company or product to their audience. If you succeed you create loyalty and a customer."

In her March 08, 2018 'Emotive Brand Blog' Tracy Lloyd wrote, "Investing in your brand is investing in your business."

Are you ready to invest in your brand? 

When choosing a brand, marketing and or media agency it's important to choose wisely. There are times when a business may have an immediate need (i.e. new logo) or maybe as a small business determining your target audience is the priority. Launching a new product, need audience research, marketing or a press release? BGMedia can effectively deliver according to your needs.

What differentiates BGMedia from other boutique firms? 

Business acumen a global clientele in the areas of licensing, crisis management, media training and working in the emerging market. 

Build a Brand Build a Business!


There are more than seven billion consumers walking the earth. Define the audience, develop creative targeted content, customer experience authentic messaging is the key to success.  



In 2016 Sharen King added a new role to her resume and expertise as Partner  and Executive Producer with WePlay Media . The digital development studio and producer of mobile content.  Works with major licensee's, brands, movie studios and sports organizations 

After the successful re-branding  and launch of Ask Steve TM digital game in the United States and Canada. In a partnership licensee agreement with Endemol Shine North America. Sharen King also has a new title, 'People On The Move In Technology.'

Digital has many meanings, functions, and capabilities as does branding.

Choose a firm with Consultants whose work has crossed not only geographic  boundaries  but also ' Best Practices' 

  • Digital Media 
  • Digital Branding
  • Digital Platforms
  • Digital Revolution - Technology 

BGMedia Consultants will develop creative ideas through concept, launch and beyond. Whether it's creating an original logo (or re-branding), website, strategic business and marketing milestones for your brand, products, and services.

Contact us to discuss branding, marketing and or media need

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